Watch Out for the 9 Signs of Dehydration

drinking-water-filter-singaporeOur bodies are composed of a heap of water. For adult males, its 60% whereas for the women, its 55%. Imagine if the water levels go down significantly, all sorts of problems will set in. Whether you are physically active or just going about your everyday routine, you can get dehydrated. But however do you know you are already lacking fluids or just being affected by the summer heat? watch out for the nine signs of dehydration.

Always Hungry. Most of the time, thirst is mistaken for hunger. People unnecessarily eat rather than drink. This is because the a part of the brain that indicates hunger and thirst is that the same space. How do you recognize thirst from hunger? Hunger happens bit by bit, not suddenly. So if you become hungry all of a sudden , reach for a glass of water first and not for a sandwich.

Sudden Sweet Tooth. The lack of water reduces the liver’s release of glycogens for energy. The brain sends this as craving signals, which you might interpret as a sign to grab a chocolate candy. When you have that desire, reach for a high water content snack, like a watermelon. Not only can your thirst be quenched, but you get to satisfy your sweet tooth in a natural way.

Dry Skin. Let’s say you’re out for a run. A good SPF cream can take care of your skin right? whereas it’s true the cream moisturizes and protects, you also need good fluid intake to stay your skin from drying. Even the best moisturizer can’t keep the skin from drying due to dehydration.

Cramps. If you’re physically active, cramps are a sensible indicator that your fluids are on the low side. Muscles are composed of over seventy % of water, imagine when you hit forty % or less because of sweating, muscles can cramp up. All that sweating depletes sodium and potassium levels as well, so besides water, a sports drink may be necessary.

Dry Mouth and Smelly Breath. Salivary glands use water to turn out saliva, when there is a low supply, the glands reduce production significantly, leaving you with a dry mouth. But it will not stop there, the lack of saliva and heat atmosphere promotes bacterium build up which then results in dangerous breath.

Headaches and Dizziness. There is a fluid sack which envelops the brain, protecting it from the impact of unforeseen blows. If the fluid sack’s water level significantly decreases, expect severe headaches. Also, when you are dehydrated, there is a tendency for your blood pressure to decrease, leaving you dizzy. Some even experience disorientation.

Reduced Sweat. This one’s a bit more basic, you don’t drink abundant and you are dehydrated, your body can barely produce sweat even on a very hot day.

No Twinkle in your Tinkle. Urine is another indicator of dehydration. If you have dark urine, and has a really pungent smell, then you lack fluids. Urine should be clear or lightweight yellow. Some vitamins and medicine will have an effect on the color of your urine, but they can solely make it into a darker shade of yellow.

Constipation. Your bowels need enough water to successful pass stool, without it you may be constipated . Being well hydrated additionally helps your intestines absorb nutrients from digestible food.

What’s your best option to prevent dehydration? Well, you can continuously get drinking water, but in the long run you will be abandonment lots of money and adding plastic to landfills. So you are better off buying a reusable drinking bottle, like the ones made by Laken.